About Us

Today’s Effort Mission:  create your best self through daily action

Today’s Effort is based on a personalized approach to Health Coaching.
Our mission is to guide clients in finding their own personal power to creating sustainable life habits. With a focus on holistic health and wellness, and the belief that every person has a different biological makeup, we consider the needs of each body as ever-changing, and unique.

Each Wellness Program is designed to facilitate daily action aimed at addressing your goals by identifying all attributes necessary for healing.
By using the method of compound effect we perform small, repeated effort, over a period of time, resulting in rich and fulfilling lifestyle habits.
This technique will establish long-lasting effects, support gradual change and will work for anyone, regardless of age or condition.

The Unique Approach of Today's Effort Programs...

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Meet the Coach

My name Shaman Richter. 

I am here today because it is my passion to help others, surround myself with positivity and celebrate all of the blessings that nature has offered. I believe to live in peace and feel amazing everyday is something we are all deserving of. My wish is to support others in finding that place of radiance for themselves.

My story to becoming a Health Coach was driven by my own journey to wellness, in which I was faced with a decision make changes, and be consistent, and I could feel better. Or, do nothing, and this only gets worse. I decided to take action on my health and now, I hope to support others find the inner strength needed to move towards feeling their personal best.

My method of coaching is based on identifying root causes, creating sustainable habits and implementing daily action. I act as a supportive mentor and wellness authority to help each client feel better as soon as possible.

I work with people of all ages, and especially those with busy, active lifestyles.

I am a 2017 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I earned the certification of an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I studied a wide variety of coaching techniques, forms of alternative medicine and over 100 different dietary theories.
My knowledge of holistic medicine expands over my lifetime and I have been personally practicing and educating myself about alternative health care, since 2011. I have over 5 years of experience coaching and guiding in athletic groups where I specialized in working with children and youth.

My Story

I grew up with an open mind to the benefits of high quality nutrition, exercise, and loving relationships. I come from a large family with lots of love, laughter, and chores to do.
There was always a family garden and fresh, organic vegetables were a way of life.
However, as we all know, organic vegetables don’t solve every problem and as I matured, I began to notice that some things were consistently not feeling great.

As a teen I struggled with thyroid issues and hormone imbalance which resulted in symptoms of PMS, inconsistent periods, fatigue, light headed, irritated skin and hair loss. Working with my hormones and thyroid lead me to addressing nutrient deficiencies and my adrenal glands which were suffering from toxic overload. Later I discovered I was Gluten sensitive and my body wasn’t breaking down certain foods effectively. This was causing an uprise in inflammation, compromising my immune system and putting excessive strain on my digestion.

The process of healing my gut and balancing my hormones took some time and eventually I was able to reintroduce foods that I could not formally digest.
I began to feel better in a lot of ways, and soon could identify areas that were not getting better.  

I  was still having dizzy spells and would hear ringing in my ears often. Frequent headaches continued and soon my jaw began to ache and click whenever I opened and closed my mouth.

One day, my jaw locked up and I couldn’t open my mouth to full extent without experiencing a lot of pain. Simple things like biting a sandwich, or a whole apple became impossible, and soon I was cutting all my food into small pieces.

At the time, I was convinced this was all a result of impacted wisdom teeth, due to my age. So, I pursued seeing a conventional dentist. With my locked jaw condition there was hesitation to perform oral surgery and little assurance that removing my wisdom teeth would in fact, solve the problems I was having.  I opted to visit an Integrative Dentist for a second opinion, and to this day I am grateful of that choice. I was soon diagnosed with an extreme case of TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). TMD, often referred to as TMJ, are conditions affecting the temporomandibular joint which is the hinge, that attaches your jaw to the bones of the skull. This joint allows all the movements of the mouth such as talking and chewing.

To come full circle back to the present, healing my body had to come from many different levels and in that process it did three great things: Challenged me. Empowered me. Changed me. I am a better person because of the obstacles I have overcome, and the healing in my life has allowed me to do more, and become more.
I have since continued my education in the areas of hormonal balance, thyroid function, food sensitivities and allergies, gut and immune health, clean eating, and meditation.

Today’s Effort is a platform for daily greatness. 

I offer programs for many types of healing and sessions can be done in person or virtual.
Here, we guide and support each other, in creating better habits and lifestyle choices so that every day feels like a success.

Join me on this journey to living in radiance and be amazing ⎯ starting today!